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      Welcome to Wuxi Topology Welding Technology and Consulting Co., Ltd.

      • Training
      • Welding Test
      • Certification
      • Test & Inspect
      • Value-added Service
      • Robot Service
      • We not only has professional employee who have years of experience familiar with kinds of welding manufacturing standards, such as welding standards of Europe and the United States, but also has technicians with practical experience of manual welding, Mec [more]

        We has a number of welding engineers and senior welding engineers, who have long been engaged in welding technology design, inspection and construction management, familiar with welding standards, and most of them have international welding engineers, Ame
        We have welding equipment, which can be operated for SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, FCAW, SAW, and training teachers with 10 years of theory and practical experience to provide the training of welding skills for carbon steel, high strength steel, stainless steel, heat
        According to the welding requirements of petroleum energy, large steel structure, bridge, pressure vessel, ship, rail locomotive, automobile, engineering machinery, aviation and aerospace, the selection and design of methods, materials, process and equipm
        We are committed to the promotion of advanced and efficient welding methods. We have experts with many years' experience in brazing, laser welding, electronic beam welding, ultrasonic welding and resistance welding, and can provide professional training
      • NEWS

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      Wuxi Topology Welding Technology and Consulting Co., Ltd.

      As the direct authorized international agency of American Welding Society, our company is one of the several domestic ATF welder test facilities(ATF number: 180411), providing authoritative welding test service.

      Contact Us

      Wuxi Topology Welding Technology

       and Consulting Co., Ltd.

      No.78 Xixian Road, Xinwu District

      Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province 214000

      Tel:4000-568-680; 13616192261



      Wuxi Topology Welding Technology and Consulting Co., Ltd.   All right reserved

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